Roxane Hollosi

Multidisciplinary Artist and Creator


I would like to thank the
Fulton County Board of Commissioners
for their support of this project with the
2020 Fulton County Virtual Arts Initiative.
Thank you for investing in my Artistic Voice.

“Breathe” a project in the time of Covid. Prompted by the critical issues of the day, this project is an attempt to transform my fears, angers, and uncertainties into a visually spirited, thought provoking group of work.

From the worlds suffocating Plastic Plague; to the respiratory gasps of Covid-19; and finally one man’s cries; “I Can’t Breathe”, these three crises suddenly crashed together.  Breath being the connecting and essential thread and must not be taken for granted. Let’s keep the conversation alive.

Additional images from my Breathe project are being uploaded daily.
Please visit again to view them.