Roxane Hollosi

Multidisciplinary Artist and Creator

Vanishing Worlds

Works on paper, mixed materials, collage, sewing; approx. 30″ x 30″

Vanishing Worlds 1 – Right Whales

This group of work celebrates the grace and beauty of our fellow, non-human travelers, but with forlorn overtones. These pieces, in their creation, become prayers of hope and redemption for all living things on this blessed Sphere we inhabit. They serve to give a visual voice to those who cannot speak.
Majestic to Minuscule creatures are vanishing before our eyes. Extinction looms great for scores of species and too late for many. The Earth laments its fatalities, while the Influential plug their ears. These pieces are icons of awareness. We must confront those with persuasion who are choosing to do nothing.

Vanishing Worlds 2 – SeaTurtles
Vanishing Worlds 3 – Rhinos
Vanishing Worlds 4 – Blue Whales
Vanishing Worlds 5 – Tigers
Vanishing Worlds 6 – Polar Bears
Vanishing Worlds 7 – Sharks
Vanishing Worlds 8 – Birds of Prey
Vanishing Worlds 9 – Sei Whales
Vanishing Worlds 10 – Vaquita